One vehicle serves many purposes: The outdoor road cleaning expert

Platforma-X is a versatile unmanned sanitation vehicle developed and produced in-house by The product is built on the company’s self-developed autonomous driving platform, Roboard-X, showcasing innovative applications of shared autonomous driving chassis in sanitation scenarios. Featuring a cabin-free design and swappable upper module paired with a universal autonomous driving chassis, Platforma-X enables flexible switching between cleaning, spraying, and waste transferal functions.

Supporting autonomous operation throughout the entire process, Platforma-X efficiently completes tasks such as self-startup checks, scheduled operations, waste dumping, and automatic charging/refilling, reducing comprehensive operational costs for sanitation tasks by nearly 70%. The vehicle is equipped with an L4 level autonomous driving system, and its front-mounted setup boasts exceptional cleaning capabilities and operational efficiency, making it suitable for cleaning in a wide range of scenarios including public municipal roads as well as private and semi-closed areas such as industrial parks, factories, parks, public squares, upscale residential communities, and more.

Whole process autonomous operation

All-scene road cleaning

Cleaning rate greater than 95%

Ultra-high road cleaning efficiency

Level 4 autonomous capability

Remote operation intelligent management

Dimensions (L*W*H/mm)

*1,960 mm

Base weight

1,300 kg

Gross vehicle weight

1,800 kg

Cleaning width with standard brooms

1,400-1,600 mm

Hopper capacity

600 L

Fresh water tank capacity

240 L

Continuous operating time

>8 h

Minimum passing width

1,500 mm



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