Autowise V3

Designed for autonomous driving and smart sanitation

Autowise V3 is an autonomous road sweeper independent designed by for smart sanitation. Equipped with a combination of lidars, cameras, millimeter wave radars, and GNSS antennas, Autowise V3 sweeper has a 360° coverage of its surrounding environment, making the vehicle safe and reliable.

Autowise V3 is equipped with larger freshwater tank, wastewater tank and adjustable cleaning structure, which can support multi-functional and long time cleaning operation. The sweeper adopts an articulated steering design with a width of only 1280mm and a minimum turning radius of 3.325m. It is more flexible and able to realize better cleaning results for closed/semi-closed sites and narrow road sections. Equipped with an intelligent central control panel with the appearance of a great sense of technology. You can use the vehicle management platform for remote start, task setting and data analysis to support smart sanitation.

20 km/h Maximum Operating Speed

8 Hours Battery Life

Large Water Tank / Hopper capacity

Level 4 Autonomous Mode

Articulated Steering

Visualized Smart Sanitation System

Cleaning width with standard brooms

1.2~2.4 m

Hopper capacity

1800 L

Fresh water tank capacity

300 L

Dimensions (L*W*H/mm)

*2,155 mm

Base weight

2.5 t

Gross vehicle weight

3.9 t



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