About Autowise

Autowise.ai, established in August 2017, focuses on research and development in artificial intelligence and autonomous driving technology as its core business. Since its inception, the company has rapidly grown into a global leader in the commercialization of autonomous driving. In December 2017, Autowise.ai established China's first Robotaxi fleet. Following this milestone, in March 2018, the company released the world's first self-driving sweeper fleet, which was put into trial operation. Subsequently, in April 2019, Autowise.ai obtained the world's first self-driving sweeper road test license. Throughout its journey, Autowise.ai has remained deeply engaged in product and technology research and development. Notably, it has launched the full-stack self-developed autonomous driving sweeper AutowiseV3, the autonomous driving platform Roboard-X, the remote operation platform Radar24, and a versatile autonomous sanitation vehicle named Platforma-X. These endeavors have led to commercial deployments in over 30 cities.

Our mission

We strive to promote the assimilation of autonomous sweepers into the urban planning and infrastructure of the modern society.

Our vision

We aim to provide high-quality autonomous sweepers that guarantee optimum performance, safety, and zero carbon emissions.


Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO

Chao Huang

Mr. Chao Huang founded autonomous technology platform company Autowise.ai back in 2017. He has over 10 years of experience in the autonomous driving industry. He previously served as lead R&D engineer for core Baidu’s deep learning projects, and was chief engineer to lead DiDi’s autonomous driving division. At DiDi, he established the company’s first autonomous driving R&D team and rollout the first robotaxi fleet to test on both urban public road and highways back in 2017, reaching speed of 80km/h.

As the CEO of Autowise.ai, he has led the company to commercialize over 200 autonomous vehicles in 20 cities globally, launching new multi-purpose platform Roboard-X in 2023, and committed to providing cutting-edge autonomous technology that is safe, environmentally friendly and improves urban mobility around the world.

Chao Huang - Founder and CEO


Vice President of Technology

Co-founder, Vice President of Technology

Wei Li

  • Former data mining project leader of Baidu’s big data team, responsible for data processing and mining of tens of billions of cookies, which direct services to Baidu Phoenix Nest, finance and other core business
  • Former senior R & D engineer of data system from Baidu Infrastructure Department, responsible for the research and development of Baidu data warehouse system, where data throughput reaches 3PB daily

Wei Li - Co-founder, Vice President of Technology


Vice President of Corporate Development

Partner, Vice President of Corporate Development

William Liu

  • Former head of strategy and cooperation of Didi, led the strategy and the cooperation of autonomous and customized vehicle projects, independently completed Toyota’s $600 million investment into Didi Group
  • Former general manager of the joint venture between DiDi and Toyota, from 0 to 1, covering 15 cities with a total of 1 billion assets in offline operations
  • Former business development manager for IoV in APAC at General Motors, leading B2B commercialization
  • Former strategy consultant at Roland Berger, focus on automotive and industrial projects

William Liu - Partner, Vice President of Corporate Development


Vice President of Product and Operation

Partner, Vice President of Product and Operation

Yanye Tang

  • Former senior integrated operation expert of Ali cloud intelligent business group
  • Former head and senior director for product and operation of Didi Express and Didi Premier, the largest business at Didi Group
  • Former head of Didi’s international business in Australia and New Zealand, with 0-1 experience in overseas products and operations
  • Former head of product at Baidu LBS Division, one of the earliest product manager of Baidu Map

Yanye Tang - Partner, Vice President of Product and Operation


Chief Financial Officer

Yiyue Chen

  • Chinese Certified Public Accountant, has more than 10 years of experience in auditing and corporate finance management for listed companies and multinational groups
  • Former CFO of New Development Group Co., Ltd. (under with A-share listed companies and National Equities Exchange and Quotations listed company)
  • Former audit manager of PWC accounting firm, with rich experience of auditing in listed companies and multinational groups
  • Graduated from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics with a degree in Investment Economics and Accounting Management

Yiyue Chen - Chief Financial Officer

Life at Autowise

People who do great things deserve a stimulating environment with a great support network. That’s why we take great care in creating a workspace that’s full of fun activities.


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