Cleaning Tangshan’s port


Cleaning Tangshan’s port


Tangshan, Hebei Province, China

Operation Site

Tangshan Port


2 x Autowise V16

Tangshan Port processes 702 million tons of cargo a year-on-year with a further projected year-on-year increase of 7%. With such high levels of activities, there are increasing maintenance costs and C02 emissions. deployed two Autowise V16 road sweeper trucks on the port of Tangshan. The sweeper trucks only required two safety control engineers to monitor the vehicle’s operational status. The Autowise V16 road sweeper is powered by electricity so it produces 0 Carbon emissions. Equipped with a combination of lidars, cameras, and mm-waves radars, the sweeper truck has a 360° coverage of its surrounding environment. The sweepers also performed various autonomous cleaning operations such as scrubbing, dirt suction, and hydraulic power washing.

After 10 months of operations, both sweepers covered a combined total of 20,000km.

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