1. What level is your autonomous sweeper?

Our Autonomous sweeper are level 4 certified. Level 4 certified vehicles are fully autonomous. A human driver is not required to drive our vehicles. However, they can still take over manual of the vehicle.

2. Where are your Autonomous vehicles currently in operation?

Our sweepers have been successfully deployed in factories, industrial parks, public roads, highways, ports, and tunnels in major cities around China. We have also had successful use cases by logistic companies in Europe.

3. How can I request more information or a demo?

You can request more information or a demonstration by clicking the request a demo button on our website or by sending an email to sales@autowise.ai

4. What are the benefits of using our autonomous sweeper trucks?

There are many benefits to using an autonomous sweeper. Some of which are as follows:

  • Green Energy: Every Autowise.ai autonomous sweeper is fitted with the latest state-of-the-art technology powered by electricity. Each sweeper comes with a CATL lithium-ion battery that ensures that energy consumption is minimized. As a result of the electric power source, there is 0 carbon emission.
  • Guaranteed performance: The autonomous sweeper performs in a systematic and predictable way 24/7h, thanks to an advanced set of algorithms, machine learning and hours of research done by the R&D team
  • Operational Costs: Provide detailed data to help support a company’s operational scaling and requirements for manpower.
  • Operational Efficiency: The autonomous sweepers can operate up to 16 hours per day in normal or hazardous environments and in adverse weather conditions.

5. Do you offer a leasing option?

Yes, we understand that many businesses have been financially affected by covid. Major expenses have been incurred due to factory closure or limited staffing numbers. As such companies have had to endure many unforeseen operational costs. With our leasing option, you can secure our autonomous sweepers without high upfront costs. Each product leased comes with an option to buy after 5 years at a significantly discounted price.

For more information about our leasing model, contact sales@autowise.ai