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Beijing, March 25, 2024 –, represented by its founder and CEO Chao Huang, and TUS-EST, chaired by Wang Jiwu with Ma Xiaowei as CEO, announced the signing of a landmark strategic cooperation agreement at a ceremony held in Beijing. William Liu, Partner and COO of, and Song Lantao, President of TUS-EST signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.

This strategic collaboration, aligned with national development goals and the pursuit of enhanced productivity, underscores the shared commitment of and TUS-EST to leverage cutting-edge technologies, particularly artificial intelligence and unmanned driving, in revolutionizing urban sanitation practices. By capitalizing on their respective expertise, the two entities aim to establish symbiotic relationships and drive mutual growth.

The partnership will prioritize initiatives such as smart city equipment upgrades, technological innovations, and operational enhancements. Central to their vision is the implementation of advanced sanitation models, including ‘one person, multiple vehicles,’ ‘multi-purpose vehicles,’ and ‘full-process unmanned operation,’ all powered by unmanned driving technology. These innovations are poised to revolutionize sanitation operations, enhancing efficiency and contributing to the sustainable development of smart cities.

Key highlights of the collaboration include:

  • Integration of Forward-looking Technology and Industry Ecology: Establishment of a joint mechanism to foster shared values and collaborative initiatives.Rapid development of a unified mechanism to drive innovation in equipment renewal, technological advancements, and system capabilities, with a focus on artificial intelligence,unmanned driving, and big data.
  • Joint Market Expansion through Co-building Model: Rapid iteration of intelligent environmental sanitation operation equipment and operation management platform. Acceleration of unmanneddriving application scenarios and development of smart city service business models.
  • Technology Research and Data Sharing: Exploration of large-scale man-machine collaboration in sanitation operations through advanced technology integration and data sharing.
  • Transformation of Sanitation Manufacturing Industry: Joint efforts to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional sanitation equipment manufacturing towards intelligent and new energy directions.

By combining’s expertise in unmanned driving technology with TUS-EST’s industry leadership, the collaboration aims to propel urban management towards ‘new quality productivity.’ This transformative partnership heralds a new era of intelligent, efficient, and eco-friendly urban living.