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March 06 – Shanghai – has launched its highly anticipated Platforma-X, the industry’s first multi-purpose autonomous sanitation vehicle. Based on’s self-developed autonomous driving platform – Roboard-X – the Platforma X is designed to be flexible, allowing for the switching of detachable modules, it is capable of multiple functions such as sweeping, spraying, and waste transferal, while also allowing full operation without manual intervention, reducing the comprehensive usage cost of sanitation operations by nearly 70%.

The multifunctional Platforma-X can be equipped with different apparatus

“Our Autowise V3, launched in 2022, is already the most widely used unmanned sweeping vehicle on the market,” said Chao Huang, Founder and CEO, “The introduction of Platforma-X, with its commercial advantages in the field of self-driving sanitation, will truly further the application of autonomous driving.”

With technology continually advancing, unmanned sanitation vehicles have become a game-changer in urban cleaning operations. However, due to the diverse needs of different cleaning scenarios, current industry-standard unmanned vehicles often require specialized models for tasks like sweeping, washing, and waste transportation. Furthermore, many of these vehicles still rely on manual intervention for tasks such as charging and waste collection, preventing full automation and resulting in significant cost inefficiencies.

Leveraging the versatile and flexible Roboard-X autonomous driving platform, has introduced an innovative solution with Platforma-X, allowing for multi-purpose usage in sanitation scenarios. Platforma-X features a unique ‘1 chassis + 3 attachments’ design, with modular attachments that can be quickly swapped using a compatible work station. By equipping different attachments, the vehicle can seamlessly transition between sweeping, spraying, and waste transportation functions, effectively covering a range of cleaning tasks on demand.

Compared to the traditional approach of purchasing separate vehicles for each task, Platforma-X offers significant cost savings, potentially reducing vehicle purchase costs by up to 50%. Additionally, its design eliminates the need for a driver cabin and manual intervention for charging and water refilling, further reducing operational costs to zero. For end-users, Platforma-X can lead to nearly 70% reduction in overall costs, offering a more efficient and cost-effective solution for large-scale deployment of unmanned sanitation vehicles.”

Platforma-X module change process

While many unmanned sanitation vehicles on the market can safely and independently carry out cleaning tasks on roads, they still rely on human assistance for vehicle detection, charging, refilling water, and waste disposal, among other critical processes. To truly streamline the entire sanitation operation and achieve meaningful full-process automation and unmanned operation, a solution is needed to fundamentally address longstanding issues such as labor shortages and high operating costs.

In response to these industry challenges,’s Platforma-X has made groundbreaking strides towards full-process unmanned operation and integrated autonomous operation. The vehicle can autonomously perform tasks such as self-startup checks, scheduled operations, waste disposal, and automatic charging/refilling, establishing a closed-loop automation system for the entire sanitation operation. By integrating the self-developed remote operation systems, Radar24 and WiAction APP, operators can monitor vehicle status in real-time, pre-set cleaning tasks, remotely start/stop vehicles, schedule operations, and automatically generate operation reports, providing an ‘unmanned beats manned’ operational capability. The application of Platforma-X will continue to optimize sanitation operation effectiveness, further enhancing urban sanitation quality and efficiency.

Platforma-X enables fully automated operations

Building upon the advantages of full-stack self-development and production, as well as years of deep involvement and accumulation in sanitation scenarios, has deployed nearly 300 unmanned sanitation vehicles in over 30 cities worldwide, achieving large-scale, normalized, and commercial operations. Autowise V3, developed entirely in-house by, has become the most widely used unmanned sweeping vehicle on the market, earning industry-wide recognition for its outstanding performance and firmly establishing its market-leading position. Building on the successful foundation of Autowise V3, Platforma-X demonstrates remarkable advantages in multi-scenario coverage, unmanned operation, and reduced usage costs, further expanding the global market space for commercialization of unmanned driving sanitation scenarios.

Autowise V3 in various countries and regions

While achieving two major innovations of ‘multi-purpose usage’ and ‘full-process unmanned operation,’ Platforma-X also boasts competitive sweeping capabilities. Equipped with a 700L large garbage bin and a 240L clean water tank, it offers two to three times the capacity of similar autonomous sweeping products, leading to two to four times higher operational efficiency compared to competitors. Additionally, it employs an advanced suction-sweeping mode, surpassing the traditional roller-sweeping mode commonly used in the industry, with a cleaning rate exceeding 95%. Thanks to its compact design, Platforma-X is suitable not only for small and medium-sized environments such as parks, industrial parks, parking lots, and residential areas but also performs admirably in large-scale environments such as urban sidewalks, bike lanes, mainroads, squares, and transportation hubs.

Platforma-X with sweeping attachment equipped remains the only domestic unmanned driving enterprise to have successfully commercialized sanitation operations overseas. Currently, it has achieved commercial operations in countries and regions such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Europe and the United States. The newly released Platforma-X, with its flexibility in ‘multi-purpose usage’ and efficiency in ‘full-process unmanned operation,’ has garnered significant attention from the high labor cost markets of Europe and the challenging environmental conditions of the Middle East. It is poised to revolutionize the sanitation industry in these regions.

Ammar Enaya, CEO of Ajlan & Bros. Group –’s strategic partner Saudi Arabia – expressed, “The full-process unmanned operation of Platforma-X perfectly meets our practical needs. The Middle East region experiences extreme hot and arid climates, with temperatures often exceeding 50°C and frequent sandstorms, making outdoor work difficult for municipal sanitation workers for a significant portion of the year. The multifunctional attachments and fully unmanned operation of Platforma-X align perfectly with our expectations. With the implementation of Saudi Arabia’s ‘2030 Vision’ strategic framework and reform plans, more than 25% of public road transport vehicles are expected to operate unmanned in the future. We eagerly anticipate the arrival of Platforma-X in Saudi Arabia!”

Representatives from and Ajlan & Bros. Holding Group at the project site in Riyadh.

Anthony Barton, Operations Director of James Hall Group, the main distributor of the SPAR supermarket chain in the UK, stated, “In Europe and America, safety, ease of use, and addressing high labor costs have always been our top expectations for unmanned sweeping products. Through our previous collaboration with, we have already witnessed excellent performance of Chinese unmanned driving technology in the UK market. The upcoming release of Platforma-X, which can achieve multi-purpose usage and save on maintenance costs for drivers, charging, and refilling water, resulting in a significant reduction in overall costs, is very appealing to us. We are eagerly anticipating Platforma-X’s performance in the European and American markets.”

Autowise V3 is currently being deployed by James Hall for unmanned sweeping operations.