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The Q1 2022 report has been published. The data shows that in Q1 2022,’s revenue increased significantly, growing by almost 14 times of Q1 2021 revenue, and 3 times of Q4 2021 revenue. also hit a new high in the amount of executed contracts, which were valued at several hundred million yuan. This was 12 times of that in Q1 2021, and 3.3 times of that in Q4 2021. Both the revenue and contract figures were tenfold increases from the same period last year, thus marking a record high.

Despite challenges such as the pandemic and other unfavorable factors, had a remarkable performance in Q1 2022. Its technical strength and project delivery capabilities enabled it to achieve successful delivery of new large-scale smart sanitation projects in several cities such as Qingdao and Wuxi. is setting an industry benchmark for application of autonomous driving technology in smart sanitation. R&D and Manufacturing Center in Songjiang, Shanghai

Several large autonomous sweepers ready to go

While accelerating commercial implementation, is also continuing to bring in seasoned talent with experience in the industry. This has served to strengthen the company’s capacities in technology, product, and operation. recently announced that Mr. Tang Yanye, a senior product operations expert, will be the Vice President of Product Operations at He will be fully responsible for the product operations of the company’s domestic and overseas markets. Mr. Tang graduated from Renmin University with a master’s degree in journalism, and he also holds a master’s degree in software engineering from Peking University. He was the senior integrated operations expert at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Business Group, the Head of Product Operations at DiDi, and the Head of Product at Baidu Navigation. He has a rich theoretical foundation and practical experience in product operations.

In Tang Yanye’s view, has been deeply involved in the autonomous driving sanitation industry for a long time. The team has accumulated extensive autonomous driving technology and practical experience, and has found one of the best applications for current autonomous driving technology in sanitation. This application offers a platform for greater efficiency to be achieved, while also providing a significant social benefit.’s products and services have been widely recognized by customers in overseas markets. This not only proved the company’s world-class products and operations, but also encouraged greater market penetration, further extending the company’s growth.

Vehicle operational data displayed by’s cloud-based control platform

As a senior product operations expert, Tang Yanye believes that there is still a long way to go to transform the implementation of sanitation projects as they move from traditional to smart operations. He also believes that companies should think about the problems with a focus on the customer’s needs. In terms of international business, in addition to meeting customer needs, it is also important to consider the challenges posed by remote R&D and delivery. Companies should consider more comprehensively the various scenarios and abnormal situations that may be encountered in actual operation of products and technologies, and therefore develop appropriate designs and SOPs in advance.

At present, Chinese society is going through a stage of social development in which both urbanization and aging are taking place. The contradiction between the continuous rise in sanitation needs and high employment costs is becoming more and more serious. Intelligent autonomous driving application is certainly a great solution to these ever-increasing problems. Tang Yanye believes that this is the general trend in the future, and will be the direction that will continue to strive to take and improve upon. “On one hand, we will compete with our product development capabilities, which combine technology, software, and hardware, and on the other hand, we will compete with our commercial operational capabilities to maintain high-quality delivery. I am confident that will continue to lead the industry and bring innovation and confidence. “