Optimised Operation Efficiency

Project objective

Increase operational hours with a cost-effective solution


Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Operation site

Metal recycling plant in Wilhelmshaven


1x Autowise V1

The recycling plant experienced a shortage of staff due to Covid 19 restrictions. As a result, the operating hours of the plant was reduced. Before covid, 80% of the factory’s operations were manual. During the Covid pandemic, the recycling plant’s onsite staffing numbers reduced by 45%. This resulted in increased revenue streams and reduced costs due to the closure of several operations.

Autowise.ai deployed an autonomous road sweeper in the plant for a trial period of 1 month. The machine was used in manual mode during the day by employees to complete cleaning tasks. After employees finished work at 7 pm, the sweeper was set to autonomous mode to clean from 7 pm till 11 pm. The sweeper covered 16 kilometers daily in autonomous mode.

The cleaning operational hour was extended by 8 to 12 hours daily. Additionally, cleaning operational costs were reduced by 40% as there were no requirements to pay overtime hours.

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