Residential Compound Cleaning Under Hot And Sandy Climate

Project objective

Residential Compound Cleaning


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Operation site

A Luxury Residential Compound In The North Of Riyadh


Autowise V3

Most of Saudi Arabia has a subtropical desert climate, with dry and hot summers and sandy weather. The residential compound where V3 works covers an area of over 520,000 square meters with high requirements for cleaning. There are many parking spaces on both sides of the road. A lot of pedestrians, bushes protruding from some of the road edges, and curved road edges that do not continue, with some slopes.

V3 needs to get very close to the curb to perform curbside-cleaning.’s R&D team simulated the local working conditions of 50-65℃, and carried out all-round testing and calibriation for the EIC system, hydraulic system, cleaning system, chassis structure, interior and exterior trim, low voltage apparatus and the autonomous driving system, so as to ensure standard operation of V3 under extreme weather conditions.

V3’s performance has been recognized by customers. This landing marks that the cooperation between and Saudi Arabia’s Ajlan & Bros Holding Group has entered the substantive stage, laying the foundation for the subsequent large-scale application of autonomous driving in the Middle East.

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