Autowise Roboard-X

Designed for Autonomous Driving And Cross-Scenario Use

Autonomous platform Autowise Roboard-X is independently developed by This product can realize multi-scene upper X transformation, and adopt cab-less design. At present, AW Roboard-X of has realized the X of passenger vehicle (AW Roboard-Space), logistics vehicle (AW Roboard-Van) and sweeper (AW Roboard-Sweeper).

This three autonomous models of passenger vehicle, logistics vehicle and sweeper have been implemented for mass production, which is practical and technological. Roboard-X can meet the requirements of different scenarios in terms of hardware and software architecture design, fully support efficient reuse in different scenarios.

Sensors & Radars Technology

Customized battery size

Customized upper X

Level 4 Autonomous Mode

Automotive Grade wire control system

Fast response and high accuracy

Dimensions (L*W*H/mm)

*2,350 mm

Braking response time

<200 ms

Perception system


Maximum Driving Speed

40 km/h




2h / 8h

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