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Leading the way in commercializing autonomous driving, is experiencing a surge in its domestic retail operations. Following the successful signing of several substantial commercial contracts and surpassing an annual contract value of over 500 million RMB, flagship proprietary products, Autowise V3 and Platforma-X, have achieved a monthly retail turnover exceeding 10 million RMB (excluding project operation revenue). This remarkable milestone underscores’s prowess in both product development and commercialization, positioning it as the frontrunner in driving the commercialization of autonomous driving technology.

The Autowise V3 and Platforma-X leading’s product lineup

Product capabilities help customers achieve cost reduction and efficiency gains of over 35%, creating a new benchmark for smart cities

The strong market share of’s autonomous driving products stems from their unparalleled product capabilities. According to actual project operation data from, an autonomous sweeping vehicle can work continuously at a speed of 5 kilometers per hour for 16 hours, equivalent to the efficiency of over ten sanitation workers. Moreover, it can save significant costs by eliminating the need for traditional drivers and allowing for continuous operation during the driver’s rest periods, resulting in a cost reduction of over 35% in project operations. The traditional sanitation industry has long faced challenges such as high labor intensity, poor working environments, and serious safety hazards for frontline workers. Autonomous driving technology effectively addresses these pain points while creating economic and social benefits, delivering ultimate value for customers.

Autowise V3 cleaning on a public road

The large-scale application of autonomous driving products relies on a comprehensive and user-friendly management system.’s remote platform, Radar24, and the remote operation app, WiAction, solve the challenges of managing autonomous driving equipment on a large scale, Users can remotely operate and manage vehicles with a single click, controlling functions such as vehicle startup and shutdown, status monitoring, task switching, and report viewing. Additionally, vehicle operational data can be integrated into the city’s smart management network, visualizing the operation process and results, thereby enhancing sanitation operation efficiency and digitization, and facilitating the creation of smart city landmarks.

With a remarkably high repurchase rate for core products, is simultaneously advancing benchmark projects and retail operations

In a city in East China, traditional sanitation equipment on the streets is gradually being replaced by’s fully self-developed autonomous sweeping vehicle, Autowise V3. According to the local project manager, “Since October 2023, we have been introducing’s autonomous sweeping vehicles into our project, and the results have been excellent. With over half a year of operation, one V3 can accomplish the workload that previously required 2-4 manual sweeping devices, resulting in a cost reduction of around 40%. The V3’s autonomous driving capabilities on open roads give us peace of mind, as it can safely handle complex intersections with mixed traffic and high-density, high-traffic operation sections.” Based on the tangible application results, the two parties have further expanded their cooperation in May, increasing the scale and application scenarios of the product, and aiming to complete the intelligent upgrade of traditional sanitation equipment over the next three years.

Autowise V3 has achieved commercial deployment across multiple scenarios in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen

The Chinese sanitation operation market boasts a scale of up to 300 billion RMB, with a compound annual growth rate of around 7%. Additionally, the annual growth of road and sidewalk areas ranges from 5% to 6%. Based on the current level of mechanized operations, it is estimated that by 2025, there will be a labor gap of at least one million workers.

Currently, has signed contracts with an annualized amount exceeding 500 million RMB, with the majority of contracts having a duration of over three years, representing the long-term and widespread recognition of by the market and customers. In recent years, various regions across the country have successively launched policies promoting the demonstration and application of intelligent connected vehicles, encouraging the commercialization of unmanned driving vehicles, especially low-speed unmanned driving equipment. Leveraging multiple favorable factors such as “product technology + operational experience + policy guidance,” has experienced a surge in business development in recent years. It has achieved commercial success in over 20 cities, including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuxi, Suzhou, Hefei, and Chengdu, successfully pioneering several billion-yuan benchmark projects.

Autowise V3 is deployed in more than 20 cities across China

The all-new Platforma-X represents a significant upgrade in’s lineup

With continuous technological breakthroughs, unmanned sanitation vehicles have emerged as a new productivity paradigm in urban sanitation operations. Acknowledging the diverse needs of different sanitation scenarios and actual users, prioritizes technology development driven by commercial deployment, rapidly iterating products to meet market demands.

Addressing said market demands and industry pain points, introduced the Platforma-X multi-purpose unmanned sanitation vehicle in March this year. The product adopts an innovative form of “1 chassis + 3 attachments,” allowing flexible switching between three sanitation vehicle types: sweeping, watering, and waste transfer. Compared to purchasing three separate vehicle types, Platforma-X can help operators save up to 50% of the vehicle purchase cost. Additionally, the product design features no driver’s cabin and no driver, with automatic charging and water replenishment, further reducing the cost of manual labor for drivers and charging/water replenishment to zero. For end-users, Platforma-X can reduce overall costs by up to nearly 70%. Meanwhile, Platforma-X will efficiently achieve full-process unmanned operation and integrated autonomy, autonomously performing tasks such as self-starting checks, scheduled operations, waste dumping, and automatic charging/water replenishment, establishing an automated closed loop for the entire sanitation operation chain.

Platforma-X performing curbside cleaning

Since its launch, Platforma-X has been well-received in the market and has already been deployed for early demonstration applications in cities like Hefei and Shenzhen. In the future, plans to deploy over 1000 units of Platforma-X in benchmark projects nationwide, while simultaneously expanding its retail business. Through the innovative unmanned sanitation operation and management model of “one vehicle, multiple uses” and “one person, multiple vehicles,” aims to achieve the scale and normalization of unmanned sanitation operations.

Currently, the unmanned sanitation race has entered a period of explosive growth characterized by market demand, viable technology implementation, and strong policy support. As a pioneer in the field of unmanned sanitation technology with extensive experience, is poised to leverage its mature product technology, proven business models, and global market perspective to chart a path of rapid commercial growth. This will serve as a successful model for the scaled commercial application of unmanned driving technology.